The wedding day, is a looked forward to day for most women. We enter marriage with love in our hearts and look towards our happily ever after. Marriage is a journey that for most lasts 20  years or more. In the build up to the wedding day or while deciding to get married couples rarely look at this relationship from a legal perspective. Marriage is protected by law and certified by a legal document the Marriage Certificate. In any association each party has their rights. Do you know theses rights? As marriage is governed by the Laws in Kenya, the right of the couple are set out in the law.


Many women suffer in and after marriage mainly because they do not know their rights in the marriage. There have been many changes in the laws governing and affecting the marriage union in the last 10 years that mostly expand rights for women.  Rights as regards to what is a marriage, who can get married, systems of marriage, property rights in marriage, domestic violence, children and succession. with the new constitution in kenya couple shave equal rights in marriage. Check out more about rights in marriage http://www.lawquery.co.ke/blog/know-your-rights-the-legal-rights-of-husbands-and-wives-in-marriage .


Mpower Women Network have partnered with Lawquery Ltd ( www.lawquery.co.ke) a legal consultancy for a joint workshop for women. It is an opportunity for women to learn and hold discussion on the rights of women in and after marriage including: contracting a legally recognized union, prenup agreements, matrimonial property, succession, divorce, child custody and much more.


The Workshop

The half day workshop from 1pm to 4pm on 28th April 2018 at Ratna Square, includes

  • A presentation by Lynette Oketch a lawyer for 13 years who specialises in Family Law. She has vast experience in children, succession, separation and divorce matters and is competent to discuss the rights of women in marriage and after marriage.
  • A presentation by Annah Onjagwa a professional counsellor and chairperson of Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association. She will discuss the importance of pre marriage counselling and resolving problems in marriage before they lead to a break up.
  • A presentation by Jackline Kawere of FIDA Kenya on the success of mediation in resolving disputes in marriage to maintain a cordial relationship especially for the children.
  • A plenary to include the above presenters and ladies who have been married for over 10 years to answer questions from the participants.


The workshop is ideal for those looking to enter into marriage and are already in marriage. It is a chance to reaffirm your role in marriage and have confidence to be a partner in marriage as envisioned by the Kenyan Law. From the Workshop we hope to inform women of the developments in laws and rights. When you know your rights in marriage you are confident and determined to work on it. A platform for women to share candidly on the joys, sorrows and trials and triumphs in marriage journey. A chance to network and mingle with like minded ladies and learn from each other.


Fee and Booking

Finally, the Registration fee is Ksh.1,500 per person inclusive of tea. We request you to confirm by 26th April 2018 to help us plan an pleasant afternoon for you. To make a booking Call 0722801991 or visit www.lawquery.co.ke for details. You can pay to Mpesa Paybill deposit through paybill 488488, Account Number No: 1004518558, and text the mpesa message to 0722801991.

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