BELOVED:Is This Boy Child Conversation Really A Thing?? Part One

BELOVED:Is This Boy Child Conversation Really A Thing?? Part One

Thursday 14 Dec 2017,

So 12,000 steps later, just under 6KM under my belt and a 1 hour debate on “the boy child being forgotten???” later I find myself wondering… What really is the problem with “Boy Child”.  Why is this even a thing? Men have been the dominant gender for GENERATIONS?? Hundreds upon hundreds of years! Now the female gender has entered the arena and suddenly in only 2 decades the male gender is feeling neglected?? I agree there are many young men who have not gotten opportunities and have been overlooked. I sincerely wish this were not the case. However, for every “boy child” you present we will look around and easily see no less than 20 to 30 “girl children” within this generation alone who suffer similar fates if not worse. Perhaps I am being too harsh and feminist here however allow me to expand…


We are clear, in that as an indisputable fact – the base reality of today is: “that the “girl child” needs empowerment, education, equality, equality in employment, increased entitlements, independence, free will in all stages of her life including over her body and access to opportunity.”

Women for generations have been second class citizens in fact if we go back to only the 1920’s in history farm animals such as cattle and horses had more rights and entitlements than the wife, daughter or mother.  It was often only at the mercy of her father, brother, husband or son that a woman of any age had to request permission to marry, work, own property, vote, inherit property, stand for election or even travel. It was only after years of relentless suffragettes and bra burning feminists that the male ruling gender have slowly and painfully acquiesced to see and treat woman as “equal” and yet in so many areas of life and at varying degrees of success across the planet.

Under, what is sometimes a very thin veneer of equality is the ugly truth that women are not equally seen or treated. In fact, I would go as far as to say a substantial proportion of men, even of this new age advanced millennial generation still sub-consciously treat women as “property” to be possessed, groomed, traded and worst of all “looked after”; and not as a chivalrous gentleman because it so pleases him but more as a subliminal gender bias that a woman is happier at home bearing children, cooking and not engaging in stressful work. It almost as if the female gender has not yet proven its ability to take care of herself.  Notwithstanding I would love to be pampered and treated like a queen albeit with no caveat of reciprocal performance or payment in kind or favours.

I would say the needs of the girl child were in relation to the simple fact that the “boy child” enjoyed all the privileges accord to them by virtue of being born male. There are endless examples historically and as recent as 2017 when the president of the “greatest” nation (highly questionable) referred to pussy grabbing as laughable, where men own woman as property. Over 100 years women before us have worked hard to break ceilings and earn their seat at the “BOYS TABLE” even at the cost of their health, family and occasionally sanity. The “old boys club” is as much a thing of the past as gravity and just as fundamental in existence in today’s society in 2017 despite the leaps and bounds of female rights.

Sexual harassment is so prevalent that despite policies in every major country, multi-national and law across the planet women are vulnerable just going to work, walking down the street, going to their doctor or the simple task of shopping. If a woman dares to venture into a local that serves liquor or is seen smoking that’s it she is “slut / easy / looking for some vitamin D / loose morals. etc…” even by other women!!! So deep is this generational conditioning by society and perpetuated through strict religious sects or conservative communities in any location.

The “girl child” a phrase only came into existence to coin the movement around young female development & empowerment– a progressive movement in the just the last two decades that needed a catchy phase to garner more support and traction against the resistance from the male dominated economic & business community.  The “girl child” came about because there was a need to make way, a road as such, for girls to be allowed to grow up as independent and empowered women; entitled to equality of purpose, choice and capability both socially and economically as their counter gender.



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Look out for PART 2 of Is his Boy Child Conversation Really A Thing??

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